in het Nederlands

Edinburgh / Haarlem 1997-2006

Fascinated by the fysical structures of a city landscape and inspired by personal memories, I combined two different cities where I have lived / am living in one drawing.

For Edinburgh I used four of the prominent hills the city is build on: Carlton Hill, Blackford Hill, Holyrood (Arthurs Seat) and The Castle. For Haarlem I departed from the sloping lines of the main streets that form the city, which are determined by the city’s geographical setting. Drawing from photo’s I first took, I connected the graphite pencil’s gradation to the level/altitude and distance of the streets point of view. The result is a finelywoven view of two cities, with details and snapshots, streets crossing, intertwining, running parallel, flowing into other streets and changing name.

Some streetcrossings are five-layered, overlapping, which confuses the continuity of the streets. Because of the combination of the manner of drawing and perspective, a strange depth gradually arises in the flat two-dimensional drawing. The drawing resembles the way your memory works: it moves from subject to subject, makes detours, combines situations that didn’t seem possible at first due to an abundance of details leading to an un- disentangeling knot.

…Which leads to new memories, new meanings and structures, and a new city.